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• Taking measures - Elins moda

  • Do I enter measures whenever buying a piece ?

No, simply insert anatomical measures according to our instructions at time of first purchase.

  • How can I be sure that my measurements are correct ?

Carefully following instructions to take precise measurements is very simple. If you want to be more secure or want to ask some more information you can contact customer service - Elins moda (

  • Can I change my measurements ?

Yes. Your measures included in first purchase, will be saved by our software for possible future purchases. If you need to change your measurements in any subsequent orders you can contact customer service - elins moda (

• Products - Elins moda

  • Can I check quality of your products before a purchase ?

On request you can ask for samples of fabrics you like or similar (if available at time) paying only shipment to delivery. In this case we will refund this cost with a discount to use for your future purchases of identical value to expenditure for samples.

  • where is it produced my shirt ?

Our shirts are handcrafted by skilled Italian expert hand in our laboratory for tailoring and shirts. Authentic made in Italy no imitations.

  • Is price of my piece modified according to details that I choose ?

No. price is fixed according to fabric chosen and does not change for choice of neck, wearability, wrists, etc.

  • Is there a shop where I can see your products ?

Yes. You can come and visit us at our headquarters, where you can choose model of shirt that you like, choose and touch our tissues, require some special processing, and so on. Also in our workshop you will have opportunity to order even real "dress made men", still made with purely technical craft. Or for those who do not want to come to Cave, there is our service meets customers in "customers points" in Punto Roma Eur and Roma S. Pietro.

  • What is Point of Service Customer Elins ?

Valid only for city of Rome and province. It is a service "meets customers in Rome", convenient for those who do not want to come to Cave. With appointment and of course without any commitment we can meet people interested in buying our shirts and tailored suits in our Customers Points. For information contact elins moda at:

Support - Elins moda

  • How can I follow my order and track of shipment of piece?

After sending order and obtain it from us we will send an email confirmation with a summary of order, with indication of working time and exact delivery.
After time of shipment will be sent another email with specific instructions to follow shipment from your personal profile or through website of courier

  • Is it possible to change delivery address once order placed ?.

To change shipping address, if order has not yet shipped, you can contact customer service - elins moda

  • I have forgotten my "elins moda" username/password, can you help me?

In login page is available password change procedure. If you experience problems, contact customer service elins moda at:







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