You can customize the shirt with your initials

these are the characters available online :


STEP 9.A Select the character

at this point you will find the boxes to choose from 4 fonts for your initials, or you can click on the "INITIAL" box and you will have completed your shirt design. If you have opted for the initials, select the other 2 points.

brusch galant script poetic script

vuoto vuoto vuoto vuoto

STEP 9.B Apply your initials

In the 3 boxes below, you can indicate the preferred position for embroidering your initials.

The shirts are usually embroidered on the left flank at about 40 cm from the collar (see drawing), or on the left wrist or in the rarest cases on the collar on the left.

Initials typically consist of 2 letters and 2 points - for example: AG

rarely can be composed of three letters and three points - example: A.B.C.


STEP 9.C Indicates your initials :

AG By inserting your initials to embroider, you've completed the design of a beautiful shirt.
now we are ready to send it quickly! vuoto


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