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Who we are?
On the web we are a young company, who wants to be cutting edge and pace with the times. Our brand Elins for those who know it stands for quality, style, elegance, confidence. The company has its roots back in the 60s when Italy was growing up, when Italy was dreaming, when in Rome were strolling the movie stars and people lived "the sweet life". In those years, fast and magnificent when the great tailors and lesser known "built" impeccable clothes tailored suits for men and elegant ladies, when the man's shirt was made by "seamstress" of confidence, perhaps with the collars subject to change at the right time.

When ladies bought fabric to wrap tailor do close to home and when were starting to be born the "manufacturing in series" in place of tailored suits. In those years of economic and cultural growth when Enrico Giamberduca our tailor, model maker and founding father of the "Elins", with great passion, he she sewed clothes and lived in beautiful golden world of the great fashion houses of Rome. In those years the customers tailor the most popular came from "America", there were princesses, divas and Italy became a major economic power making a real miracle. Since then, time has passed, much has changed, and today we can and must rediscover and cultivate the real wealth of Italian.

In our small way, we at Elins want to combine tradition and avant-garde, craftsmanship and technology, we want to create a traditional product, tailored, beautiful, comfortable, pleasant to wear. Particularly our shirts we want the perfect realized the best pure cotton fabrics or other fine fibers. We want our customers and we are satisfied with the word of mouth, with estimated earned bring more friends to dress us.
The idea of ​​a unique dress comes from intuition and creativity that can hardly be described: nevertheless a unique dress also comes from an artistic project as well as years of study and experience "in the field": everything starts from a sketch, a brilliant idea that encloses artistic inspiration describes a unique dress in this way. We talk about creative study as these fine sketches can well represent our ability to create a truly "enviable" dress

Elins Fashion - tailored designer clothes - project drawing 1 Sartoria a Roma Elins Moda abiti su misura Stilista italiana Elins Fashion - tailored designer clothes - project drawing 2 Sartoria a Roma Elins Moda abiti su misura Stilista italiana Elins Fashion - tailored designer clothes - project drawing 3

Here you can find the manufacturing of high quality and customization tailoring typical and unique Made in Italy.
Here are the technological innovation of online sales, are selling directly from producer to consumer, without intermediaries and sales points. You can find so a saving and a better product at an optimal price.

In addition to a shirt we make men's suits exclusively tailored from the finest fabrics and craftsmanship exclusively "handmade", for a single dress, beautiful, comfortable, haute couture, prestigious, that are not easily found.
Our tailored suit is expensive and is only for connoisseurs and for those who love the "true couture", the result of years and years of experience.
Now this service can be performed only in our tailoring or with our service "tailor to your house", to be agreed for long distances or abroad.

With Elins moda SHIRTS ONLINE you can have fun creating your shirt as you like it, you can become a designer yourself. You can create your perfect shirt, with your measurements, your style, the fabric chosen by you, or you can choose a shirt your size with standard measure classic or choose a shirt ready, all made in our tailoring near Rome.

By ordering your shirt, you will receive it at home as you want, within about 28 days
You can even customize it with an embroidery of your initial "monogram".
We work with passion for you
Discover pleasure of wearing a shirt perfectly tailored Elins.



Elins shirts are made exclusively in our tailoring near Rome with the utmost care and expertise of master craftsmen who daily take care of the models, the fit, the details, and are always looking for new ideas and creations.
Elins guarantees the quality of its shirts "made in Italy" and cultivates a big dream that can be achieved thanks to new technologies, "bring to the world the true Italian Elins shirt".

We wonder sometimes, why buy a shirt or a dress of an Italian brand also known, and then discover that inner label is written: "made in ????? who knows where on earth you"?
But then it can be argued that this is an Italian product, even if in reality only has the Italian label? For us the Elins an Italian product must be made entirely in Italy.

Customizable and tailored

Shirts excluding those already ready, you can create the way you want, with your measurements and are made exclusively for you, with the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of fabrics and a great freedom in the choice of the details.

You can choose your preferred fit, collar, cuff, indicate your exact measurements or choose it on standard size.
Finally you can make it unique customizing it with your initials embroidered. You can also send the measures (following the instructions) of your favorite shirt and we will realize with the same measures of yours.


Elins for your shirts has selected a wide variety of high quality fabrics solely of 100% pure cotton, a double frame, with treatment sanforised, yarn dyed, a series of cottons for all tastes, fil a fil, around English, classic oxford, cotton piqué, popeline, canvases, cotton twill and cotton zephir, but also other precious fibers like linen or mixed-linen and other.
The Elins prefers Italian fabrics, the best, to offer you a wide range and a wide choice, which wants to expand more and more. The fabrics proposed by Elins are certified by Oeko-Tex®.


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