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1. Prices
• All prices are including VAT (22%).
• There are no additional costs beyond what was clearly stated in overall total "summary order"
• products shipped within European Union are not subject customs duties.

2. Payments
Payment can be made with three following ways:
1) Credit Card
The commercial transaction on Internet holders credit card takes place in a totally secure.
Protected Connection is guaranteed by Verisign. Encrypted data transmission with security protocol SSL 3.0 with 128-bit key.
2) Wire transfer. Attention: order is considered confirmed only after payment.
3) Paypal. Payment guaranteed and protected
Payment by credit card or Paypal account is via PayPal's secure systems, in real time.
In both cases, OUR COMPANY can not acquire your payment information (credit card information or PayPal code) user.

3. Products
We have tried work in best way get a graphical representation colors / textures fabrics exactly as possible.

4. Measures and styles
The Your shirts are made according measures and indications, choice collar, cuff / pocket does not affect final cost shirt. During realization and up time expedition each shirt is inspected thoroughly ensure that measures carried out as ordered and that quality is excellent.

5. Customer Care
Our satisfaction is ensure your complete satisfaction / pleasure wearing a shirt Elins. If for any reason your articles clothing that you have received is defective, damaged or not in compliance with order confirmation, Elins will replace it.

6. Shipping
All shirts will be delivered at your home within 28 days receipt order form. In special circumstances such as holidays, special occasions, transport delays, strikes, or else there may be a delivery delay a few days than normal. carrier has been selected for transport is GLS Express. For each shipment is guaranteed traceability and then you can verify departure articles and time delivery.

7. Information on processing personal data (in accordance with Article 10 Law n.675/1996) – Elins moda

In his capacity as interested, we inform you following.
1. Purpose treatment – Elins moda
The collection and treatment data relating person are effected in order enable latter company conduct following activities:

• marketing / advertising
• sending information – elins moda
• statistical analysis for marketing purposes – elins moda
• detection degree satisfaction – elins moda
• invitations informative and promotional events – elins moda
2. Processing methods – Elins moda
The processing data for such purposes will take place using both automated and non-automated, but always respecting rules confidentiality and security required by law.
3. Charges treatment – Elins moda
The data will be processed on behalf company by employees, professionals and companies charged by us, which perform specific processing services or activities complementary ours, which is necessary for execution our operations or services.
4. Confirmation data – Elins moda
The provision data our company is completely optional. Any refusal fill out form or answer telephone interview no consequences except for impossibility using services offered by company.
5. Setting subjective communication – Elins moda
The data, or some them, may be disclosed to:
• Company employees not specifically in charge
• other offices this company

The data will not be disclosed third parties
6. Territorial communication – Elins moda
Considering existence telematic, computer or mail, data can be made available abroad, even outside countries belonging EU
7. Rights interested – Elins moda
The Art.13 law 675/96 recognizes interested numerous rights which we invite you consider carefully. Let us briefly recall rights:

8. data processor – Elins moda
Holder data under law is this company, based in place indicated in header this information note.
E 'right consult, modify, oppose or cancel your data by writing elins moda:

ELINS S.r.l.s.
Via Gallia, 44
00183 Roma (Roma)

Tel/Fax +39 06.9581484

Customer Services shopping clothing data shirt

Customer services - shopping clothing data shirt company Elins moda tailored made in italy online shirt shopping online Elins moda clothing data shirt

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Tailored clothing in italy

Tailored shirt

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Customer services - shopping clothing data shirt company Elinsmoda tailored made in italy online shirt shopping online clothing and shirt


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