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How to take your suits custom measurement - Elins Moda

How to take your suits custom measurement

1. Measure neck

The neck size is taken by sliding meter around neck, taking circumference between base of neck and Adam's ass.


2. Measure chest

Measure circumference of chest under armpits at chest height, passing meter above nipples. Make sure meter is aligned horizontally, then relax your arms on your hips by breathing normally. It indicates exact fit body, fit and therefore width of shirt is given by model chosen.


3. Measure your life

Circumference size of waist at height of navel, make sure meter is aligned horizontally. It indicates exact fit body, fit and therefore width of shirt is given by model chosen.


4. Measure your shoulders

It locates most protruding shoulder bone, measured from point on other shoulder, following shoulder profile. Indicates width of shoulders at widest point, as per pattern.


5. Measure sleeves

Releasing arms, measuring length in two phases, parts from most protruding shoulder bone and measuring up to elbow, then stops meter in that position and continues to measure up to wrist bone. Take sleeve measurement from shoulder to wrist (see diagram), arm should be bent at 90 degrees.


6. Measure wrists

Measure wrist circumference just below protruding bone at height of joint. It is important to take exact fit to wrist, that extent 5 cm for final cuff measurement will be added.


7. Measure length

Lightly lower your head, point meter on most protruding bone behind your neck and measure up to horse's height. This length will be used for length of shirt. Take measures from base of neck up to buttocks.


8. Measure biceps

If you have a sporting physical body with a particularly well developed muscle, you can indicate size of biceps to extend width of sleeve. If this measurement is indicated, sleeve will be made with standard size size measurement.




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