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Tango Bar - italian tailored dresses fashion


ELINS fashion enters the dance world "and what dance! ....."
Our stylist Eleonora Giamberduca has already dressed classical ballets, Latin dances, belly dancing, modern dance. In the TANGO the atmosphere is intense, steeped in history of ancient and modern times. Let yourself be fascinated by the poignant music, dress men full of passion, supple and enchanting women.

Sunday, January 28, 2018 - in the characteristic "Tango Bar" in Pigneto ( Rome )

During the dance evening ... on the selections of Tango Traditional and Nuevo by dj Luca Calvarese ... we will attend a small FASHION SHOW of some clothes signed ELINSmoda, accompanied by a performance of tango in "traditional and nuevi" clothes by Laura Amadei and Marco Spaziani.

We are waiting for you for a real trendy evening! J

Entry reserved for members.
Evening contribution: € 7

Via Macerata, 9
M Pigneto

* * *

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